Your Purpose + 2 Questions = Awesomeness

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2020
Like it or not, the “normal” ways of doing things are gone and we have to figure out the new, new. This becomes doubly or triply hard given all the uncertainty and the very real concerns that are present regarding our health and the health of our loved ones.
But here is something that I that I’ve found incredibly helpful. Each day, I ask myself:
  • How can I help myself experience more of my purpose?
  • How can I help others experience more of my purpose?
These two questions have kept me focused and moving forward while we have been sheltering in place over the past 3+ weeks.  In that time, I have:
  • Launched a podcast.
  • Redesigned my website.
  • I started a fitness revolution (well that may be a stretch but I have worked out every day).
  • Hosted a daily check-in call.
  • And I’m announcing a 10-day purpose program tomorrow 4/10) that is so simple and effective that it’s going to turn the purpose world upside down.
I’ve also cooked more dinners for my family, started a book club, talked to multiple people daily, and played catch with my son 3-4 days a week.
All because I’ve been asking those two questions. I cringe thinking about what I could have done if I had been asking these questions for the past few years. But I think that is one “benefit” of this pandemic.
It’s forcing us to get really clear on what we do and how we deliver it. There is just no energy for fluff or BS.
If you are resetting, pivoting, and just trying to take a breath to figure out the next steps, give these questions a try. If you don’t know your purpose, I have a free training that will help and if you do know your purpose start thinking about how you can help yourself and others experience more of whatever your purpose is.
The fact is that at the end of the day, when things get all wonky, the more clear we are on who we are and what we are about, the better we will be at overcoming challenges and taking advantage of opportunities.
If I can be of any help at all, please let me know.
One simple thing you could do is start going either or both of these:
Best wishes and since this is a “we thing,” let’s work together.
All the best,

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