5 reasons why sharing your purpose is a good idea

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

For the past three years, I’ve been talking about the power and benefits of sharing your purpose. I like to say "you should know your purpose so well that you can share it over drinks with friends."

And honestly people still look at me funny when I say that. Purpose feels like such a big mysterious thing that it seems impossible to put it into words and even more impossible to share.

Which totally makes sense. Our purpose is core to who we are, so the act of sharing it requires a level of vulnerability that will most likely trigger our egos to get into defense mode. He or she will fill our heads with good reasons not to be vulnerable (it’s too much, they won’t understand you, nobody talks like that, you’ll sound funny, etc) and we will most likely refrain from sharing (or maybe even looking to see) who we really are.

That’s why sharing your purpose is so powerful - it’s a way to practice building up your purpose muscles and strengthen your ability to be you. Here are five reasons why sharing your purpose is a good idea:

  • It’s a simple test - if you can’t share your purpose in a particular area or with a particular person, you are just bumping up against a limit of some sort in your ability to be yourself. Go practice in other areas until you are ready to go in that one.
  • The stronger you get at sharing who you are, the less likely your ego will kick in to tell you all the reasons not to do it. Your ego is just trying to protect you from hurting your true self, so if you practice sharing who you are by starting in small areas when the big times come and your ego is winding up all those reasons of why you can’t be you, you will have the confidence and courage to say “Thanks Ego - but I got this” and go forward with being you.  Of course, sometimes your ego will win but that is just a place where you need more practice being you. Because after all, purpose isn’t about perfection.
  • Your ego hates for you to connect with other people and sharing your purpose helps to do exactly that. When you have the courage to say who you really are and what you are about people respond. Not everyone will fall head over heels for you but they will at least get you. And the more people that get you, the more support you have for being you and the fewer reasons the ego has to say that being you doesn’t work in the world.
  • The more people that know your purpose, the more likely you will stay on track with it. Think about it - how effective would a company be if it created an amazing purpose and then only told a couple of people? It would fail of course. We know this because there are many companies where their purpose really only lives truly for a few people. You may be in one now. Don’t make the same mistake with your purpose. Your purpose is bigger than you and you will need help at some point. If you are the only one that knows it, how is anyone supposed to really help you?
  • Sharing your purpose forces you to confront the areas that aren’t living up to your purpose. If you talk about happiness or love or joy, when you share it with others, you will have to deal with the fact that there are people and places in the world that are experiencing something far less.  Plus there are most likely places in your own life where you are experiencing something far less than your purpose as well. But even if you aren’t perfect, you still can share your purpose. It just means that you have work to do (just like all of us).

So share your purpose! Doing so can only help. Not saying it will always be easy but it will help you grow in your ability to be you. Practice in the safe areas and then build-up to the places where it really matters.

If you are wondering, I’m about people being great and what that means to me is knowing who you are, having a dream, getting after it, having fun with friends and family, and helping others.

That’s my definition of greatness. I would love to hear what greatness means to you.

Thanks for reading. If you don’t know your purpose or if you struggle sharing your existing purpose, let’s talk.

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