Finding your purpose helps you get real with yourself and others.


Let's get real - the ability to be real, to be yourself regardless of circumstances is not the easiest thing to do. Everyone from Brene Brown to Oprah talks about the power of being authentic and knowing your truth.

But there is one big problem - most of us have no idea who we actually are. We have far more experience being who we think we need to be rather than being who we actually are. This is especially true at work where we have the added stress of having to produce results.

Of course, we know that feeling of when we are actually being ourselves. There is a sense of freedom, joy, and laughter because you are grounded in who you are and you don't feel the need to be anything.

Knowing your purpose and knowing who you are helping with this. Yes, there will be places where you struggle being yourself, we all have those. But the more you can explore purpose and to expand your ability to experience it yourself and share it with others, then your ability to be real will grow.

What I find the most interesting about this is that it's often the feeling of NOT being myself that triggers this aspect. As I deepen my own sense of my purpose, I more aware of when I'm not it. When I notice this, I have the ability to use any one of several tools to help me see what is causing me not to be real and then address the situation to the best of my ability.

To me, that is having a system for being real and I find that very helpful and was definitely an unexpected part of finding my purpose and putting it to use.

That's the sixth unexpected benefit of knowing your purpose. If you want to see the other 9, go here.

If you want to clarify your purpose and start increasing your ability to be real in more areas of life, go here

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