How finding and using your purpose helps with feedback


In the modern world, feedback is crucial and frequent. You need the ability to give feedback in a way that people can hear and you need to be able to take.

None of us are perfect so even if we know our purpose 100% there will be times when we fall short.

Understanding who you are and what you are about, helps with this. 

If you make a mistake, no matter how bad, you still know your purpose and that provides a foundation or a base. Yes, there may be impacts and you may have to apologize or do something of the like to resolve the issue but those things don't strip you of your ability to say "I am about [your purpose] and this is what it means to me."

For me, that gives the space to take a breath, think about what I said or did, and how I can do better next time.

On the giving side, I find purpose helps me better understand how to say the feedback in a way the person can hear and it compels me to speak up when something isn't working for myself or the people around me.

I feel like I am more straight with people about what needs to be done and since I'm trying to leave them feeling great (my purpose), I make the effort to speak to their greatness.

For instance, I was giving feedback to a friend on a speech he gave. Honestly, I was really disappointed and worried. I knew he could so much better but I didn't want to hurt his feelings (especially in public).

I took a breath and spoke to all the things that I find great about how he normally gives talks and how this speech fell short of that. This may sound simple, but for me, it was a big step and it only came because I thought about how I could say what I needed to say and leave him feeling great.

I'm not successful all the time but discovering my purpose and putting it to use has definitely increased my ability to give and take feedback.

Would that help you?

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