Finding your purpose helps with grit, determination and not giving up


Another unexpected benefit of finding, using, and ultimately owning your purpose is that you keep going and don't give up.

I think this happens for at least two reasons:

  1. You can't stop being yourself - Once you figure out that purpose, no matter how many mistakes you make, you are still you. That means you spend less time thinking "Oh - there is something wrong with me" and "I can't do that." Not that those things go, away but they can't stick around quite as much if you are clear on who you are.
  2. Your purpose provides the foundation and aspiration - This back and forth means that you always have a step to take. You can either work on what it takes to experience more of your purpose yourself or you can work on what it takes to share it more effectively with others. 

Combine these things together you will naturally keep moving forward. That movement helps you build up your confidence courage and that helps with your grit and determination.

Even if things get tough or your challenge seems monumental, you don't feel like you have to give up.

Not saying things will get easy but when you are clear on who you are and what you are about, then you have the ability to keep going and not give up.

That's the second unexpected benefit of knowing your purpose. If you want to see the other 9, go here.

If you want to clarify your purpose and start building those grit, determination and don't-give-up muscles, go here

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