How finding your purpose helps with standing up for your needs


Do you stand up for what you need to be successful, what you deserve or what you believe in? 

Let's be honest - that isn't easy to do. It's one thing to know what you want and it's another to make that known to the people that matter.

Knowing your purpose helps with this because you are clear on who you are and who you aren't. You are able to say this is what I need or don't want and express that in a way that people can actually hear.

The good news is that If you put your purpose into everyday language and practice using it on a regular basis, then you build up your confidence so that when you are talking with a boss or a potential hire or an investor or a key client you an more easily say this is who and I and what I am about that this is why you need what every you need.

Does it always work out?

Not of course not but the more you know about your purpose, the more clear you are going to be on what you need and the more courageous you will be in going after it.

That's the 4th unexpected benefit of knowing your purpose. If you want to see the other 9, go here.

If you want to clarify your purpose and start standing up for what you need today, go here

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