How finding your purpose helps you feel more (which is a good thing).


Day 9 of the unexpected benefits of knowing your purpose - increasing your ability to feel.

I know this may sound funny but increasing your ability to feel is so beneficial in business. After all, much of marketing and branding and customer service is about how you want your clients to feel about your business.

And something that is quite helpful in determining how other people feel?

Knowing how YOU actually feel and having the ability to share what is going on with you.

Knowing your purpose is in large part about how you want yourself and others to feel so the more you deepen your understanding of your purpose the more you are attuned to your feelings.

This allows you to powerfully speak about what is and is not working for you and others.

As a leader, if you are interested in having others be authentic and real then you have to be willing to be authentic and real. That starts with having the courage to share who you are and what is happening in your world.

Knowing your purpose, and especially sharing it with other people, contributes to your ability to do that.

When you have the awareness and fortitude to not ignore how yourself or others are feeling, that fosters deep appreciation and connections and all of that feels really good.

That's the ninth unexpected benefit of knowing your purpose. If you want to see the other 9, go here.

If you want to clarify your purpose and start freeing yourself from that mental weight today, go here.

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