Learning your purpose is the start - 4 things to do to make the most of it.

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2019

Good news is that learning your purpose isn't that difficult. Takes less than 15 minutes with my 2-Question Purpose Process so the "can I learn my purpose?" question is off the table.

But that doesn't mean everything will be hunky dory or smooth sailing. Living a life of purpose means that you will be bumping up against limits throughout your life. You know this already because you can see there are situations where you can be your purpose and there are others where you can't. That doesn't change no matter how well you know your purpose.

After you learn your purpose, there are four more main steps that you will help you make the most of it.

First, you need to determine what your purpose means to you. As I wrote in an earlier post, your purpose will always be in the language of a young person and will use terms like love, happiness, excitement, and adventure. Those terms are incredibly powerful but seem rather generic. But your purpose does mean something specific to you. My purpose is about being great and to me greatness is about...

  • Knowing who you are
  • Having a dream
  • Getting after it
  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Helping others do the same.

The more clear on what your purpose means to you, the more you will expand your ability to use, share and leverage it.

After you learn your purpose and get clear on what it actually means to you, the next step is to identify stories about where you have and have been living your purpose. This will create a foundation of authenticity for when you speak about your purpose. The places where you have stumbled with your purpose are critical. Those show you are human and give you more authority to talk about the areas where your purpose is alive and well.

You can create stories by journalling about a few things:

  • Why is your purpose inspiring to you?
  • Where have you been your purpose?
  • Where have you struggled with it?
  • Where has your purpose shown up in previous jobs?
  • How does it show up in your current position?
  • What did you learn about your purpose this week?

Explore these questions and then share the answers in your conversations with friends and family. The more you share them, the more they will live for yourself and more your understanding of your purpose will grow.

The third thing to do after learning your purpose is to start making your plans. These plans are two-fold. First is to think about is what you want to accomplish as a reflection of your purpose. Chances are you already have goals in a variety of areas of your life - fitness, finances, career, community, family, etc. Start with those and see how they are connected with your purpose. Building that connection will provide a foundation for moving toward your dreams and a compelling reason to take action. After all, your dreams are now connected to your purpose.

But plans for your dreams are just the first part and actually not the most important plans you can make after learning your purpose. The big thing to plan for is when you aren't being your purpose. Sounds crazy I know but living a life of purpose isn't easy. There are lots of times you will bump up against limits and be unable to really be your purpose. This will happen over and over because that is just life. But you can plan for those moments.

  • What do they feel like?
  • What foods do you eat?
  • What shows do you watch?
  • How do you avoid doing what you know needs to be done (but you don't want to do)?

By recognizing those patterns, you can prepare to make adjustments when needed. This idea isn't to avoid limits and pitfalls entirely as that's not possible. But you can shorten the downtimes by planning ahead.

That last thing to do after learning your purpose is really the first part of living the rest of your life. That thing is to practice being your purpose. Get out there, share your purpose, explore what it means, make mistakes and just own it. Living a life of purpose takes practice, and you will undoubtedly make mistakes. Embrace those mishaps, learn from them and keep going forward.

The simple fact is that you have some fantastic, powerful, beautiful and much-needed purpose. The more that you are out there sharing it and deepening your understanding of it, the better off we will all be.

Clarifying your purpose doesn't have to take a lot of stress and overwhelm. My two-step process takes less than 10 minutes. And it works.

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