Applying the Powder Day Process to myself

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2019

With my Powder Day Process, we look at 5 areas to help people do more of what they love. Those areas are:

  • Knowing who you are
  • Knowing the Mountain
  • Knowing your Gear
  • Commitment
  • Reflect and Rejuvenate

This is about figuring out who you are, what you love and how you can make that more available to yourself and others.

Since I am doing the same thing as most of my clients, I thought it would make sense to share how I am using this system to prepare for 2020.

Doing this has helped me clarify the things I love (powder days and helping others do more of what they love) and what systems I need to put in place to make it happen

  • Know who you are 
    • Purpose
      • About people being great
    • Passion
      • Powder days and helping people do the things they love.
    • What I’m good at
      • Clear on my purpose
      • Have a process for helping people with their purpose
      • Have a way to make things simple and achievable.
    • Where I need to grow
      • Follow Through
      • Sales
      • Consistency
      • Creating clear offers
      • Making events happen.
  • The Mountain
    • People
      • Find people/partners/groups that love powder skiing and or the freedom and fun that goes with it.
      • Best for solo entrepreneurs or solo minded entrepreneurs in larger businesses that have experience with their industry and see that that branding themselves as something unique/different would help them - coaches, financial planners and mortgage experts.
    • Where to find them
      • Asking people - what they love
      • Referral Partners that love skiing as well.
      • Ski clubs and race teams
        • US Ski Team 
        • Colleges
        • Ski Resorts
        • Bay Area Cities
      • Ski shops
      • Ski movie premiers
      • Ski Swaps
      • Car Dealers
    • Challenges
      • Lots of skepticism about coaching. 
      • Need to be consistent in the messaging.
      • Need to show a straight forward process that produces results
  • The Gear
    • Systems
      • Marketing
        • Website 
        • Email - weekly
        • Social media
          • Facebook
          • Linkedin
        • Content Creation
          • Book
          • Blog Posts
          • Social Media Images
        • Events
      • Sales
        • A website with sales pages
        • The Offerings
          • Monthly kick off-program (launching dec 29th, then last week of the month)
          • Membership program  - already available 
          • Small group program - TBD
          • Live events - first on 1/11/20
      • Delivery
        • Website
        • Kajabi
        • Zoom
      • Followup
        • Clean up emails
        • Set up Zoho for one on one coaching
        • plan for phone calls
      • Accounting
        • Zoho
      • Growth
        • Journalling
        • Audio Book
        • Mastermind Group
        • Events
    • Support
      • VA - need to hire
      • Bookkeeper/Accountant
      • Coach
      • Board of mentors
  • Commitment 
    • Practice Everyday
    • Skiing
      • Get Pass / House
      • Plan Trips
  • Reflect and Rejuvenate
    • Workout
      • Team Vomit
      • Learn to be a better cook

What does your 2020 look like? If you would like to know more about how you can use the Powder Day Process to do more of what you love, then please visit my Powder Day Posse page.

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