Reason #47 why label your purpose up in conversation

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2018

Reason 47 why we need to be bringing up our purpose in conversations - because labeling your purpose helps the other person understand the energy he/she is experiencing but can't quite figure out.

You may be about joy or happiness or transforming the world but that won't be exactly clear to the person if you don't label it. Then what happens is as you speak that the person feels that energy and tries to figure it out (aka "where is this person coming from?").

But since what he can't quite put a finger on it doubts creep in about you, your energy and then probably himself (as things often return to ourselves of course).

But if you say "I am about this" or "My purpose is..." then you are bringing clarity to what he is feeling. That will put his wondering mind to rest and allow him to hear what you are saying.

This is really important for people that have just discovered their own purpose. Of course you are present to it and you think everyone can see it. But they don't - especially since they are listening to your purpose through the filter of their own purpose. And so they don't respond the way you hope they will. Then that doubt shows up in you and you start wondering if you have the right purpose. Pretty soon you are walking out the room disgusted with yourself for ever thinking you could actually have a purpose.

Avoid all of that simply by bringing up your purpose in conversation. Let people know where you are coming from and what you are about. They already feel it so it won't be a surprise. And yes this means that you will have to own the places where you aren't that purpose because everyone will be able to point it out. But that is a good thing. That's called authenticity and ownership. The world is longing for that and they will love you for it.

Clarifying your purpose doesn't have to take a lot of stress and overwhelm. My two-step process takes less than 10 minutes. And it works.

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