15 Minute Purpose Sessions - Deborah


This was a great talk with Deborah - a purpose-based business consultant in Phoenix, AZ. I loved her energy and her spirit.

Deborah is clearly committed to other people and it is exciting to see her get excited.

I hope you can see that learning your purpose doesn't have to be challenging. Now what happens is that Deborah (and anyone who knows their purpose) starts to explore different ways of increasing her ability to experience and share her purpose.

To learn more about this process and how you can use it to produce results in your life, check out this short video about the Purpose ECOSYSTEM

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15 Minute Purpose Sessions - Blake


I met Blake at a conference where we had a nice talk about how his service my tribue video service. When he followed up, I told him about my 15-minute purpose sessionS and he graciously agreed to participate.

I loved our conversation in that he started talking about how part of freedom for him was creating meaningful things in the real world. After this video ended, we talked for another 15 minutes about how he has an entire garage full of high-end tools for creating various objects out of wood and metal.

The beauty of identifying our purpose is that it helps us focus on what is important, even if we don't have the time and/or the energy to be doing it right now. But that spark of joy and excitement is there no matter how far it is buried under the gunk of everyday life.

If you want to participate in a community of purpose minded people, please join us in the Know Your Purpose Facebook group.

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15 minute Purpose Sessions - Leslie


I'm doing a series of purpose sessions with people I meet in random places to see if we can figure to their purpose and someways to use it in under 15 minutes. 

I met Leslie at a local restaurant. i was working on my book and when I explained what I doing after she asked, she said "I could use that". I told her about my 15 minute purpose sessions and she agreed.

You can see her figure out her purpose and what it means to her under 12 minutes. I loved seeing her smile when she does.

If you like conversations about purpose, please join my Know Your Purpose Community.

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