Branding, Clarity and Purpose with Katrina Krogstad

purpose spotlight May 12, 2019

An email from Katrina inspired me to do this interview and I'm hoping this will become a regular thing for me as I love hearing about how people are using their purpose. She is a great example of how learning your purpose and learning how to put it to use is a really powerful thing.

in this interview, Katrina talks about how her purpose of play is a bit challenging to share and she is honest about working through the language to find something that really works for her. But that inquiry energized her and gave her a framework for describing a seemingly wide range of businesses.

The real bonus is that she is in action, making changes to her website, re-creating logos, and getting the word out about her services.

She is really inspiring and a wonderful example of what it looks like to put one's purpose to use.

Her website is:


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