Have more of your "Powder Days."

Powder Days is my term for the days that you wake up fully energized and excited for the day. I love those days and want to help you have more of them (or at least something close). Watch the video to learn my 5 steps for having more powder days. 

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What is it you love to do?

That thing that has you wake up excited and energized more than anything else.

For me, the thing is Powder Days (that is skiing/snowboarding if you don't know).

I love the feeling of waking up and seeing the fresh snow, then having breakfast, rushing out to get first tracks. 

Those are my best days. What is your thing?

And more importantly, what if you could modify your business and life so you could have more of that in your life or at the very least, something similar to that in your life?

To help people like you have more "powder days" in their lives, I started with a 5-day mini-course just to show you it's possible and what has to be done to make it happen.

The 5 steps of having more of your "powder days" in your life:

  • Know yourself - If you are going to have a great powder day, you need to know your skills and abilities and what makes you happen. Business is the same way. If you are going to go all-in with a passion then you want to make sure it is in alignment with your purpose. 
  • Know the Mountain - Not knowing the mountain on a powder day will leave you either following others or missing opportunities. The mountain, in this case, is your industry. Who are the people you want to serve, who value your service and how to find them? This is like knowing where the good snow is on a powder day.
  • Know your Gear - You can't have a great powder day if you don't have the right gear. Likewise, your ability to run your business is limited if you don't have the right systems - marketing, sales, delivery, followup, and backend.
  • Commit - On a powder day, she who commits first usually gets the best run. At some point in your business, you have to commit as well. That takes courage, conviction, and practice. That's why having support really helps.
  • Reflect, Rest and Repeat - Any good powder day will end with stories of successes and failures. You take in that "wisdom" so that you can make the most of your next power day. That is the same for business. You learn from your results so that you can improve the next time around.

So my question to you - what do you want to do more of on a regular basis?

Because here is the secret - there are other people that want to do the exact same thing. If you are a coach, consultant, financial planner or some other advisor, you can find clients that love the same thing and help them do more of that.

Then you get to wake up with a life full of what you love.

That's called having more powder days.

If that sounds good, join the Powder Day Posse.

Next 5-day Starter Session starts December 29th with a zoom call at 4pm PST.

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That is the Powder Day life.

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