The Purpose Ecosystem

The connection between your purpose and producing results for yourself and others.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I developed the Purpose Ecosystem after helping a few hundred people identify their purpose and from my own experience in trying to live and embody my own purpose.

I could see that our purpose has been with us for a long time and I needed a system that encompassed the fact that there are places where we are and aren't living our purpose.

I chose the ecosystem metaphor because purpose was never a straight line for me and there is always a back and forth.

Anyone that wants to increase their ability to experience and share their purpose and generally live a life that is aligned with that purpose.

No - The purpose Ecosystem is about helping you be more of yourself. If you are a person of faith then it will help you be more of that.

No and sometimes - It’s not hard to figure your purpose but like anything actually making in real through your life takes work. Good news is that you are already doing more than you think. When you identify your purpose you see places where you already are making it happen and where you aren’t.

This version focuses more on the individual as is applicable is you are a solo-entrepreneur to being more of your purpose to your role at work.

A corporate version that focuses on helping founder lead companies identify their purpose is coming soon.


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