An innovative team building workshop to discover and understand purpose, how this relates to personal and professional lives while creating a personalized meaningful artwork.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The  many benefits of knowing your purpose range from improved focus and resiliency to greater creativity, connection and confidence - for individuals and teams.

The Purpose and Paint process is effective because attendees participants use both their creative and analytical skills to learn what their purpose means to them. They will affirm that they are already living (and therefor capable of) living their purpose and understanding how to apply this concept going forward. 

Attendees walk alway with a combination of knowing their purpose and how it shows up in their life plus the experience of creating art that reflects who they are. This back and forth between the intellectual and the physical world makes for an experience attendees won't forget.

Attendees identify their own personal purpose using a very fast, effective two question process and accessing their innate creativity to paint or collage a picture, book or flag. If desired and if time allows, the team can be guided and work together to discovery the overarching purpose of the team or company.

Our process is for companies and teams that value confidence, creativity and authenticity. We have worked with startups, Fortune 500 companies and within the healthcare and educational systems. The commonality is that they desire a greater sense of purpose that promotes life/work balance and doesn't take a lot of time.

The sessions range from 90 minutes to 5 hours depending the size of the group, your objectives and depth desired. Please schedule a call to discuss the details so we can meet your objectives. 

The combination of purpose and creativity. Joey created a simple approach to identifying one's purpose and Kerry Lee created a process that helps people discover personal insights through various art mediums and projects. When we started working together we realized that our programs work extremely well together.  Joey's process helps create the foundation for purpose discovery and Kerry Lee's art with purpose projects elevate discovery, learning and connection to a new level by guiding participants in a step-by-step creative process that all can do. 

Any talk about purpose and painting will probably feel a bit touchy feely but it’s not much as you would think. The process is so straightforward and simple that it quickly feels like an everyday conversation. Just one with lots of fun, laughter and connection.

Price depends on the size of the group, your team goals, and the location of the event. Please call to discuss your needs.

The Art Work

You have the choice of three formats depending on your goals and available time. Each is designed to help your people stretch their creativity and keep their purpose alive after the event.


A series of flags depicting the person's purpose and what it means to them. Ideal for hanging in the office when done. 


Attendees explore what their purpose means by pulling imagery from magazines and creating a unique vision. 


Attendees dive deep and create full books that portray who they are and their vision for what's possible.

About us

We about people seeing their best selves and having fun doing it.

Kerry Lee is a creative catalyst in community, guiding artists and “non” artists in the Intentional Creativity® process; where introspection ignites innovation! She leads professional development, corporate team building, and transformative group workshops.

Joey Chandler is an executive coach and helps founders, executives and teams use their purpose to make better decisions, be more effective, engaged and aligned with their goals.

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