The Greatness Growers Membership

The Greatness Growers is an online community for people that what to grow their own greatness and help others do the same.

At it's core, the program is based on three things:

  • Getting clear on who you we are (like crystal clear).
  • Growing your ability to be that in more areas of your life.
  • Learning how to share it with others personally and professionally.

All of this is designed to help you grow your greatness so you can help others to the same. This will grow as we go forward but for now the main thing that you will get out of doing and participating is deeper sense of who you are and a great confidence in your ability to be that in your life.

$7 for 7 day trial and then $30/month. I want to show you the value of the Greatness Growers and ear your trust.

With your membership you will receive access to:

  • Growing Your Greatness Online Program
    • Currently has modules for identifying your purpose, getting passed your limiting beliefs and outlining the basics of your purpose process (aka how you naturally help others experience your purpose.
    • A purpose action plan with 18 steps you can do to help you grow your purpose. Going forward I will develop video modules to cover these areas).
  • Greatness Growers Online Community 
    • Currently on Facebook but may change if the community is interested.
  • Community Activities
    • Monthly zoom calls to answer questions (and I plan to be helping out as much as I can for any one that needs help)
    • Grab Your Funk - 8am MWF - 30 minutes to focus on something that you can avoiding or putting off.
    • Grab Your Junk Workouts - 8am Tuesday and Thursday - Started these at the being of the Shelter-in-Place. We grab something for the garage and do a workout with it. Helps you move, get create and laugh. All things that are helpful these days.
    • Honestly, there are so many ways to help each other grow our greatness and I'm sure this list will grow/change/morph overtime.



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