How to be great (or even better) for Husbands

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the program and your commitment to be a great husband.

In the program you will:

  • Learn to Identify and own your purpose.
  • Apply it to your life and learn to get past your limits and the places you feel stuck.
  • Produce results in a way are authentic and real to you.

The live webinars will be on Thursdays at 2pm - 3 pm PST and the dates are: Feb 28th - May 2nd (10 weeks).

All handouts and webinars will be available online the following day so you can miss a call.

The goal is for your family and others to see your greatness without having to sacrifice anything about you. Rather than focusing on one specific area, we work on expanding our ability to be our purpose in multiple areas of life. 

Then when the times comes, addressing that bigger problem won't be such a challenge. Sort of like how you heal an injured muscle by supporting the areas around it before addressing it specifically.

And to be clear, there are many places I am not great but I am moving forward. What I am very good at is in helping people identify their purpose and leverage it in their lives. I'm finding when you do that over and over, good things happen.




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