Identify Your Purpose

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Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose


If you are a solo entrepreneur or a founder at some point you have to explain why you are best person to deliver the service. Knowing who you are helps with that.


Knowing who you are (and who your aren't) speeds up decisions and reduces time between having an idea and taking action.

Team Building

Clarity on who you are and what you are about makes finding the right partners easier and gives them compelling reasons to say yes to working with you.


Wondering about who you are is an energy drain. Being confident about that frees you from all that worry and distraction and allows you to move forward faster.



Identify Your Purpose is Just the Start

Once you clarify your purpose, then you can deepen your understanding of it and increase your ability to produce results.

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My Story

Here is how I figured out how the process for clarifying one's purpose in just a few minutes.


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