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I'm Joey, and this is about me.

My Mission: Help people love their lives

How I'll do that: By showing people and companies how to create boring but believable core value statements that change lives.

Why? The old way of doing core values focuses externally and creating market fit. This works initially but leads to a disconnection between the business and the people creating the business, which causes exhaustion, frustration, and burnout. We need core values that reflect and support the people who start the business and grow over time.

And I figured out a way to do that quickly.

My Core Values

  • Courage: The ability to say who you are and what you want and then take the actions you know to do.

  • Curiosity: The willingness to explore even if the answers aren't clear.

  • Belonging: The deep connection that comes when you have the ability and support to be yourself.

My Core Drivers - The steps I repeat so clients and employees are successful.

  • Clarity: People clarify who they are, their goals, and their plans.

  • Action: They take actions aligning with their core values and goals.

  • Growth: They will grow by evaluating, celebrating, and revising their efforts.

I help people and companies clarify their core values and goals (which takes courage), then get curious about actions they can take that align with those values and goals, and grow so their clients and employees have a sense of belonging while working with them.

One unexpected result of this approach to core values is that people start speaking their truth with new levels of confidence and conviction. It's not uncommon for people to go from, "There is no way I can say that," to "I have to share this" in a week or two.

And these core values are tools. I ask versions of these Core Questions every day:

  • For Visioning - How can we help our clients and employees experience more Courage, Curiosity, and Belonging?

  • For Planning - How can we use Courage, Curiosity, and Belonging to help us achieve our goals?

  • For Troubleshooting - In efforts that don’t go as planned (that does happen), what was missing - Courage, Curiosity, and Belonging

  • For Proactive Analysis - Where in our employee and client experience are they experiencing something less than Courage, Curiosity, and Belonging?

As my team and I ask and answer these questions, we find ways to serve our clients better while staying grounded in who we are. These core questions help us increase our clarity, take action, and grow. You'll do the same when you create your Core Value Statement.

If you are a founder or business owner and want core values that will grow with you over time so you serve your clients in ways that are true to you now and in the future, schedule a Core Value Statement session, and we'll create your version in 90 minutes.

You aren't the problem

In the places where you struggle, you simply don't have enough practice being yourself.

To create confidence, compassion, assertiveness, grit or determinations, the secret is being more of yourself in more places. Not trying to be something you aren't because that is exhausting.

The fastest and most efficient way to achieve and maintain a goal is by bringing more of your core self to the situation.

Two Reasons for this:

When you a NOT being your core self, you are being something you are not which is exhausting and frustrating, and leads to isolation and burnout.

When you being your core self, your confidence, creativity, and courage increases so you connect with others to find solutions that work over time.

I help people understand...

Their Unique Strengths

Success isn't about becoming someone else. It's about recognizing and leveraging your unique strengths.

The Power of Alignment

Aligning your actions and beliefs with your core identity can exponentially increase your effectiveness at tackling challenges and achieving your goals.

The Importance of Authenticity

Faking confidence or trying to fit into a mold can lead to burnout. Authenticity is sustainable and far more rewarding.

3 misconceptions about our Core Selves

And how they are holding you back.


I already know (or at least I think I do)

You probably have some sense of who you are at your core but your level of clarity isn't sufficient for your goals. Your core self is like your numbers for your business. The more clarity you have, the more power you have to make positive changes.


I can be myself in some places but it's impossible in other areas. There is nothing I can do about it.

Being your core self takes practice. If you are struggling, you just aren't as good at being your core self in that area. There is nothing wrong with you but you need to practice being your core self.


Core work takes too much work.

This true if you don't have a system to use your core self. The uncertainty and overwhelm associated with asking, "who am I," goes away when you have system to clarify who you are, take action in alignment with who you are, and grow you ability to stay true to yourself in more areas of life.

I've spent the last ten years exploring the question, "who am I at my core and how can I bring more of that to my life?" I created the Core Power Framework so you can learn in minutes and hours what took me months and years.

Tell me if any of this resonates with you...

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You keep asking yourself, "Am I doing this right?" or "Will this work for me?"

It's time to put an end to the uncertainty and boost your confidence in your decisions.


You are confident in some areas of your life, but unsure in others?

Let's work on creating a consistent sense of self-assurance across all facets of your life.


You have a vision for what's possible but you struggle with making it happen.

You have what it takes, and I'm here to help you realize that.

If these situations sound familiar, you're not alone, and most importantly – you don't have to stay stuck. I've developed a unique process that has already helped numerous people build real confidence and overcome their challenges.

Working with me

Rather than focusing on tips and techniques, we focus on bringing your core self to your life.

We clarify who you are and what you want to accomplish.

We determine any doubts hindering your efforts, you learn to let them go, and then you take action.

We evaluate, celebrate, and revise your efforts so you keep moving forward and connected to your core self.

You repeat the process until your goal is achieved. You benefit from that success and knowing how to achieve it without being fake or burning out. The process works because of the power of your core self. Keep tapping into that and you will succeed.

What I live for and how I can be useful to you

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My life

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My hobbies

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Coach and life coach

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My projects

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Client Reviews

The discussion I had with Joey opened my eyes to the notion of purpose that I never suspected was a necessity to have as a writer. We only talked for an hour but now I have a new focus and start working on a project that I have been struggling with for 6 years. I'm so excited.


Diomaye Augustin NgomActor/Writer/Educator

Working with Joey, I have gone from feeling like an "F" in many areas of my life to an "A". The idea of working from your core has been so powerful. Joey is endlessly patient and understanding - I recommend him to anyone who wants to work to improve their life.


Teresa Peters

Owner, T&K Images

Recent Blog Posts

blog image

Navigating the Digital Waves: Unearthing Your Core Self for Exceptional Content Creation in the AI Epoch

June 12, 20233 min read

As the world takes giant leaps into the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, there's a pressing need for entrepreneurs and business leaders to harness the one factor that sets them apart in the crowd: their core self. But, why is this so crucial, particularly in an age dominated by AI and tools like ChatGPT?

Understanding the Role of AI

AI has taken over multiple facets of our lives, often so subtly that we hardly notice. However, the advent of AI content creation has made us question the essence of originality and uniqueness. Despite their incredible capacity to mimic human behavior, AI systems cannot replicate the distinct identity each one of us carries.

In the AI-dominated landscape, realizing the value of your core self is paramount. It's your personal compass, guiding you to create content that is not just original, but holds an irreplaceable human touch.

Your Unique Lens in a World of AI

Every individual carries a unique lens, a perspective shaped by their core self. It is this perspective that brings a spark of humanity, a touch of originality, that no AI can replicate. When you craft content through this lens, you add a layer of authenticity that resonates on a deeper level with your audience.

To put it in the words of the famed author Oscar Wilde, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." This quote beautifully encapsulates the power of being true to your core self in a world of AI.

Delving Deeper: Clarity, Action, and Growth

Understanding your core self might seem daunting at first, but the journey can be broken down into three manageable phases: gaining clarity, taking action, and encouraging growth.

Gaining clarity is all about introspection, unearthing your deepest desires, strengths, and the unique vision you carry. Once you have this blueprint, the action phase becomes smoother. It involves leveraging this knowledge to overcome obstacles and take decisive steps. Lastly, the growth phase allows you to assess your progress, acknowledge your achievements, and continuously refine your strategies.

Harnessing the Power of Community

A significant part of this journey involves having a supportive network around you. Our close-knit community fosters shared wisdom, lending strength to every member as they embark on their journey of self-discovery. The focus is not on generic advice or quick-fix solutions, but rather on fostering self-awareness and aligning actions with the knowledge of your core self.

Confronting Challenges: Core Self to the Rescue

What happens when you face obstacles while exploring your core self? In such situations, we resort back to the program's principles to overcome these challenges. This recursive approach ensures that the program delivers the maximum value, bolstering your capability to tackle difficulties and stride towards your goals.

In conclusion, as we navigate the waves of the AI age, it's your core self that helps you stay afloat. It not only magnifies your effectiveness in overcoming challenges but also empowers you to create content that's not only unique but carries the unmistakable stamp of your persona.

The Core Power Switch - create confidence without faking it.

Create a core statement and start building your confidence based on you rather than having to fake anything or burning out.

Get your custom copy of The Core Power Switch today.

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Joey Chandler

I love talking about who we are and how we can bring more of the to our lives and the world.

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