What I gained by only losing 2 pounds after 47 days of exercising

Uncategorized May 02, 2020
What i learned this week - sometimes we are looking at the wrong numbers

Today was Day 47 of the #Grabyourjunkworkout.

For 47 days I have gone to my garage, grabbed something and did a workout with it.

And today felt like quitting. This week I stepped on a scale for the first time in a few months and I realized that after 47 days in a row I had only lost 2 pounds.

Only 2 freaking pounds after all that time. i started to think F this - i should just give up. And i almost did.

But fortunately, I knew others would be there so I went ahead and went. And I'm so glad I did.

Because as I did lunges and arms presses with the random jugs of radiator fluid and windshield wiper fluid, I realized all the other benefits that I have received from doing these workouts everyday:

* I laugh more
* I've learned to fail and be silly more
* I have something interesting to talk about
* I've made new friends
* I feel stronger
* I have the knowledge that I can do something 47 days in a row.

As I got done with the workout, I realized how much I have gained even if I haven't lost a lot of weight.

What I'm seeing is that it's so easy to focus on the most obvious metric and miss so many other benefits. As i thought about it, i realized I've done that with so many things.

So what I learned this week about purpose is that before I give up with something, i should make sure to consider all the benefits of the activity because there may be more than first meets the eye.

Curious if you are looking at specific number and missing many others like I did.

Clarifying your purpose doesn't have to take a lot of stress and overwhelm. My two-step process takes less than 10 minutes. And it works.

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