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What trait do you say will make a difference for you in 2024?

Is it confidence, courage, determination, kindness, focus, consistency, or something else?

Whatever it is, here is how you can increase that trait.

  • Clarify your core values using a new system.

  • Choose an important goal.

  • Take actions that align with your core values and the goal.

Because your core values represent you at your best, the more you use your values, the more your natural skills and abilities come to the surface. As that happens, you increase the desired trait in your life and business.

I discovered this by asking myself, “How can I use courage, connection, and curiosity (my core values) in my day?” This helped me reenergize myself after burning out.

Then I built confidence by asking, “How can I create a business that reflects and supports my core values?” From that, I developed a new approach to coaching that requires minimal effort (about 10 minutes to set up) and then uses daily reminders to help people take actions aligned with their core values and goals.

Then, I increased my caring and concern for others by asking, “How can I use courage, connection, and curiosity to create an irresistible offer?” I thought of others and asked, "What trait do you think would help you succeed?"

So, what trait do you think will help you most in 2024?

Because we can help you increase that in your life and business.

When you sign up, you get:

  • A 1-on-1 call to clarify your core values, an important goal, and the trait you want to improve.

  • Custom daily emails to remind you of your core values and goals.

  • An app, online community, video training library, and Zoom calls for extra support.

The process works because it helps you find what works for you and is applicable whether you are doing extremely well or are completely burnt.

  • Each day, you remind yourself of your core values and then apply your core values to your goal.

  • You take action and develop systems that serve your needs.

  • If you stumble or miss a few days, no problem. You start over the next day.

Sometimes you take small steps, and sometimes you take big steps. Sometimes, you’ll address your needs, and sometimes, your clients' needs.

Either way, you’ll be grounded in your core values, focused on your goals, and using your natural skills and abilities.

But what if you don't know what to do? No problem - you do what you know to do. You take the step you see you take. In my experience, the vast majority of the time, you know what to do, or at the very least, you know the next step.

After you take that step, you'll learn something new about yourself and your goal. And this is important, even crucial, in these uncertain times. Rather than someone telling you a system that works for them, you take action and develop systems that work for you.

All you have to do is wake up, read the email, and take some action. And if you don’t take action one day, no problem. The email will arrive the next day, and you can start over.

That is your journey, and the Volcano Club will be there for you.

It’s called the Volcano Club because I’ve found the cumulative impact of your efforts will create an eruption in your life.

You have access to Volcano Club for three months so that you are guaranteed to increase the trait you want. Chances are that trait is currently at a 3 or 4 out of 10, and we'll get it to an 8 or 9. Once that happens, you can stop or choose another trait to increase.

Most of the coaching occurs in the custom email by reminding you of your core values and suggesting how to use them to achieve your goal. There are weekly calls and an online community if you need extra support.

And who is in the community? Entrepreneurs and leaders who want to improve their abilities and achieve goals. Everyone is on their journey, and we support each other in making the most of our core values.

I can’t tell you how it will look or exactly how it will happen, but when you use your core values to achieve a goal, you will elevate the desired trait in your life and make good things happen.

So, what trait would help you in 2024?


P.S. If you think, "Well, that sounds good, but it won't work for me because of (time, money, focus, I've already done this, etc.)," I have training to address those doubts and worries. When those limiting beliefs are running the show, that is a place where your core values are missing or could be elevated.

1. You have a definition of success and what you want to accomplish. These become clearer and more compelling as you increase your confidence and ability to make them happen.

2. You have core values, which reflect who you are at your core and act as guiding principles in your life. They occur naturally but become more present and valuable as you increase your ability to experience and share them.

3. You have a core process - a general set of steps to help yourself and others produce results. This process occurs intuitively but is more effective and impactful as you clarify what it is, practice using it, and improve your ability to share it.

4. You create core results - things you have accomplished aligned with core values. These happen naturally but become more predictable and prevalent as you more intentionally apply your core values and core process to help yourself and others achieve goals.

5. You experience core growth - the learning from evaluating, celebrating, and revising your efforts. Again, this happens naturally but becomes more significant as you become more aware of your goals, values, process, and results.

As you grow, you increase your understanding of success and how to create it, and the process repeats. I call this The Core Truth System.


Your Definition of Success

You have a vision for your life and goals you want to accomplish and that is critical for creating true success.


Your Core Values

Your core values reflect who you are and act as guiding principles in your life. You want to make sure your goals align with your core values; otherwise, you'll end up in a place you don't want to be.


Your Core Process

Your core process is a general set of steps to help yourself and others produce results. You want to know how you do things and improve upon that so you don't have to copy someone else.


Your Core Systems

Your core systems are the things you put in place to support your efforts. These could be a friend for a weekly walk or an automated email system for your business.



Growth is vital for true success because, by definition, success is a journey of growth. With each action you take and the systems you build, you want to evaluate, celebrate, and learn from your efforts so you can help yourself and others succeed while staying true to your core values.

As you grow, you increase your understanding of success and how to create it in ways that work for you, and the process repeats. I call this The Truly Successful System.

My Hypothesis:

Any trait you believe will help you improve your life in 2034 can be enhanced by clarifying your core values and regularly applying them to an important goal.

First, a list of possible traits. I gathered these by asking people, "Increasing which trait would help you in 2024?" These are the categories in no particular order:

  • Grit, determination, perseverance, and tenacity

  • Passion and purpose

  • Confidence, courage, and action

  • Self-care and boundaries

  • Pleasure and play

  • Trust, empathy, and awareness

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Vision and message

  • Focus and consistency

  • Generosity and gratitude

  • Systems, support, and structure

  • Caring and service

  • Celebration and forgiveness

  • Daring and boldness

  • Authenticity and vulnerability

  • Growth and learning

  • Connection, teamwork, and partnership

  • Practice, progress, and accepting imperfections

  • Positivity and hope

  • Value and self-worth

  • Motivation and energy

Which of these traits would help you the most in 2024?

The goal is to move that trait from a 3-4 on a scale of 1-10 to an 8 or 9. We assume that trait is already present in your life to some degree, and we aren't looking for perfection because that rarely happens.

Here is how you can improve any of these in your life using your core values:

  • Clarify your core values and get them to three words.

  • Choose a trait you would like to improve and a goal with a due date in the next two months.

  • Each morning, think of your core values and how you could apply them to your goal. Create a list of possible actions and do at least one action.

  • Evaluate the results and your trait level and celebrate your efforts.

  • Repeat the next day until you have achieved the goal.

You will generate four results:

  • A stronger understanding of your core values.

  • The goal that you wanted to achieve.

  • The trait you desired.

  • A system for developing additional traits.

This process works because:

  • Your core values represent who you are at your best, are foundational to how you operate, and are closer to the surface than you realize.

  • Taking actions aligned with your core values and a goal moves you forward and naturally develops your desired trait.

  • Because your core values are foundational, you can use them to drive action no matter the situation or your energy levels.

  • If at any point you get stuck or frustrated, you can explore which of your core values is missing and use that information to jump-start your efforts.

To make this happen, a few tools are helpful:

  • A process to clarify your core values and get them to three words.

  • A reminder system to explore using your core value each day as it's easy to forget about them, especially at the beginning.

  • A place to share wins and get support because any step aligned with our core values and goals is worthy of celebration, even if they seem inconsequential to us. Plus, our core values are always bigger than us so support is needed at times.

With these in place, the process is straightforward. You clarify your core values and make use of them every day in big and small ways. As you do that, you move towards your important goal and develop your desired trait.

Which trait would make a difference for you in 2024?

Because we can make it happen.

At this point, this is hypothetical as I only have my evidence from my own life which is naturally biased.

I'm looking for people who have a goal and want to improve a trait in their lives in 2024. Beyond that, the only requirement is a willingness to read a custom daily email with prompts for applying your core values to your goal.

Those prompts will help you tap into your best self, take action, and naturally develop your desired trait.

My goal is to prove this hypothesis and address any flaws so I am starting off with a live call and making myself as available as I can. I'll have a group S & C (Support and Celebration) Zoom Call on Thursdays at 3 pm PST, and I'll be answering questions in the online community. And if you need extra help, I'll answer emails or get on a call with you.

My core values are courage, connection, and curiosity. My goal with this program is to help people connect with their core values, get curious about ways to use them, and have the courage (and support) to take action.

If that makes sense to you and you have a trait to improve that will help you achieve an important goal, please schedule a call.

If being of service is essential to you, either as a leader in a company or because you own a service-based business, then you'll want to read this.

Two things make the difference when being of service:

  • Helping people produce results.

  • Helping them avoid overwhelm.

If you aren't helping them succeed somehow, your service isn't much help. And if your service overwhelms them with options and requirements, then they aren't going to want you either, especially nowadays.

And this isn't only for clients. YOU want more results and less overwhelm; otherwise, being of service isn't fun.

For the past few years, I have explored core values and tried different ways to use them. Turns out, I was going through this process:

  • Defining what success means - we all have a different definition (mine is to help myself and others achieve goals in ways that align with who I am).

  • Core Values - Three meaningful works that are the foundation of everything (Mine are courage, connection, and curiosity).

  • Core Process - 5-step process for achieving goals (My process consists of these five steps).

  • Application - applying your values and process to your goals (which I have been doing for the past few years).

  • Growth - evaluating, celebrating, and revising your efforts (which has led me to keep tweaking how I approach core values).

Put all of these together, and you have a system for being of service in a way that works for you. Not only does it work as a framework to serve and support others, but it also helps you grow your business or other areas of life.

I'm creating a 6-week beta program for the Service Success System. You will get:

  • An introduction call to create your definition of success, your three core values, and your 5-step Core Process.

  • From there, you will apply your Core Process to achieve your goals.

  • We'll have 6-weekly group calls where we practice sharing our systems and supporting each other in achieving our goals.

  • Coaching to and from your values and process. You cannot underestimate the value of this, as you will learn what it is like to experience your program/service/coaching. I'm not teaching you my system but instead helping you deepen your understanding of yours.

  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 practice session where we role-play using your system in sales or coaching calls.

  • Price: $497 for a group program. $1597 for 1-on-1 coaching (includes much more custom coaching, feedback and practice session).

Either way, you will reduce your overwhelm and improve your results as you bring more clarity and practice to your process.

But don't take my word for it. Schedule a Clarity Call, and I will do the initial call for you free. You will define what success means to you and have a clear plan of how to use your core values and process to help yourself and your clients achieve goals and reduce stress.r a successful life and want a way to make it happen.

As a coach, consultant, service provider, or person who loves being of service, a short list of the things you must manage includes:

  • Sales

  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Social media content

  • Supporting clients

  • Developing and deepening relationships

  • Growing your business

  • Managing your systems

  • Maintaining a positive mindset

  • Staying focused

  • Helping yourself and clients take action.

And I'm sure you have more to add.

I don't have the answers to address these, but I have discovered a secret that will help you.

The Secret

You probably know that you have core values. Experiences and ideas that are foundational to who you are. Mine are courage, connection, and curiosity. In exploring these, I've come to the realization that we also have a "Core Process" - a five-step process for achieving goals, solving problems, and making things happen.

Clarifying and applying that process to your business and life goals teaches you how to help yourself and others succeed. That knowledge and experience give you the confidence, courage, and clarity to address the abovementioned challenges.

The best part is that it's all based on who you are and how you do things. The more you take action, the better. And I'm sure you would agree—the imperfect action you take is better than the perfect action you don't.

To be clear, the value of your core process is in its ongoing application and in having a system for using it rather than simply identifying it.

I'm giving you both - the system I use to help people use their Core Process and how to create your core process.

Creating and Applying Your Core Process

You create your Core Process by asking:

  • What is the first thing you do when working with a client?

  • After that, what do you do?

  • Then what?

  • Then what?" This step is usually some form of taking action.

  • What is the last step? This step is usually some form of celebration, growth, evaluation, or acknowledgment that leads back to the first step.

As you apply your process in different areas of your business and life, you learn more about helping yourself and others in ways that work for them and you.

When I asked about using his process, a client told me, "My mind gets decluttered when I go through my process, so I am less stressed and know what to do. It's hard to explain, but I have more clarity, focus, and ease when I use my process."

The Service Success System (which is also my Core Process) is this:

  • Define what success means to you and the goals you want to reach.

  • Clarify your Core Values - this is your foundation.

  • Clarify your Core Process - How you do things.

  • Apply your Core Process and values to your goals.

  • Foster growth by evaluating, celebrating, and revising your efforts.

As you grow, you learn more about success and goals, and the process repeats. Each repetition teaches you more about helping yourself and others succeed in ways that work for you.

How I can help you achieve goals while reducing overwhelm.

I support clients by helping them clarify their goals, core values, and Core Process and then using their system to achieve the goals.

You have much of what you need to create your Core Process. The value I bring is in the application and execution. While clarifying our Core Process and values is easy, intentionally using them takes practice and encouragement.

I've been asking myself, "How can I use my core values today," every day for over two years and have been creating and refining my own Core Process for over a year. I don't know how you operate, but I am very good at helping you figure it out and increasing your ability to use it.

I base my coaching on asking, "What does your process say to do in this situation?" because this always generates actionable ideas that move you forward.

Rather than learning a new system based on someone else, you deepen your sense of who you are and how you operate and take more action. It's an amazing experience to have someone support you using your own program and process.

After developing this approach, I no longer do sales or discovery calls because I don't like that experience for anyone involved. But if you would like to do a coaching call where we will find actionable solutions to a current goal or challenge using your Core Process and values, I would be happy to do that. From there, you can choose if you would like to continue with one of my programs.

Thank you for reading this. Remember, you have core values and a core process. With clarity and practice, you will be amazed by their power and the results you can produce.

Have a wonderful day, and I hope to talk with you soon.

Joey Chandler

Client Reviews

I love [Joey's] work because it's so simple and effective. I don't have to think a lot for it to work and that is very helpful given all that I have going on every day.


Shannon Adkins

Managing Director


In a matter of 30 mins, Joey helped me figure out a core value that I couldn’t identify. It was impacting my ability to deliver a mastermind to my new clients. This uplevel is huge and will impact my $$$ and health. Invest in yourself and hire Joey.


Katrina Starr

Momentum Catalyst, LLC.

I was already established professionally in my dream job, but had a need for structure and anchors from which to build my new career. With Joey, I was challenged and able to find a purpose that helped me achieve a better outlook on life, more energy and an overall motivation.


Anna Maria Aune-Moore

Senior Project Assistant

Resettlement and Family Reunification

at IOM - UN Migration

The Finding Your Way Workbook

  • Discover the unique approach of the Finding Your Way Workbook, designed to help you clarify your core process, take action, and enhance your ability to produce results.

  • By utilizing the workbook, you can effectively achieve your goals, enhance your leadership traits, and refine your personal approach to tasks and challenges.

  • In 16 pages, you cover the material I use when working with business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, you will lay the foundation for creating "Your Way" to achieve your goals in business and life.

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  • CLARITY - A proven system for connecting your core values with how you operate and make things happen.

  • EXPLORATION - Ways to use your core values to serve your clients and employees more effectively.

  • ACTION - A training library for creating your custom framework, foundational documents (vision, mission, client, etc.).

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