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A program, a community and a way to make the most of who you are.

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We need 4 things to start making the most of our life (even in challenging times).

  • Be clear on who we are.
  • Learn to be more of that. 
  • Have a way to share it with the world.
  • And have a community that supports us to be our full selves

Take any of those aways and we struggle trying to make the most of who we are.

Put those four together and you can do amazing things.

I call that Growing Your Greatness.

And that's why I created that Greatness Growers Community.

As part of Greatness Growers Community, you will:

  • Build your confidence by getting clear on who you are and how to be more of that.
  • Increase your sense of power by creating a Purpose Ladder which helps you when you aren't feeling our purpose (it happens).
  • Create a system for sharing your purpose that you can use to create or improve your business.

And most importantly, you will have a community of people that come together in celebrating your successes and providing support when your need help.

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How people are using their purpose in these challenging times

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I took a part-time position in the communication department of a school district in Marin County. What was a part-time position has grown into a fulltime given the COVID-19 crisis. I'm now working with the administration and teachers on how to best support students and their families through these impossible times. It's amazing, meaningful and productive; and really challenging at the same time.

In working with Joey, I figured out that at my core, I stand for love. Clearly understanding this has been extremely helpful in navigating the various conversations with families, students, and staff. Everyone is coping with and reflecting on this situation differently, myself included. Now I can take a breath and think about that when I come from love, my conversations and thought processes have understanding and compassion. I feel grounded and am able to listen to others rather than becoming defensive or frustrated.

Finally and very importantly, it reminds me to love myself and stay connected to what matters most, which has been great since I'm getting pulled in so many different directions. We are all trying to do our best to help each other, the students and their families and it's really easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Understanding that I'm about love keeps me grounded.

Michelle Idell Brake, Marin County Schools

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Out of Joey's work, I figured out that I'm about freedom and that has been very helpful in these times. First it allows me to be myself and go with what ever emotions come up throughout the day. And that is actually really helpful because when I'm grounded that gives me the foundation to let others be free with. what ever is going on for them.

Everyone is so stressed and worried for all the obvious reasons that I'm finding if I can just let them be, then they can relax and we can connect. And from there we can figure out solutions for what they are dealing with. This has really reminded me about the power and importance of freedom. - Wade Galt - Coach and Entrepreneur

Your purpose doesn't have to be big and complicated.

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For the past three years, I've been showing people how purpose is in the form of Love, Joy, Happiness and the like.

The power of this approach is showing up now. Thinking about a life altering purpose now is impossible give all that is going on. But with a little training you can bring Love or Joy or Happiness to any area of your life regardless of the circumstances. 

Start growing your greatness

More Purpose Stories

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Our purpose is about “Ease and Excitement” and focusing on that during these times has been really helpful. We continue to make our service as simple as possible which helps our clients and their clients. And we are exploring ways to serve new clients as they look for new approaches to connect with and serve their clients. These aren’t easy times but having our purpose in place helps us find things to be excited about and that feels like a win.

-Tota Mukherjee - CEO of Soldsie.com

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My session was phenomenal. I was expecting just another dry, salesy coaching session, but instead came away from the call with a clear, concise purpose statement that will guide the future of my company. Thank you;

- Brijhette Farmer, Branding Expert / psigraphicsllc.com

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My purpose, which is about people being great, has been helping me because I've been really sick. Not sure if I had the virus or not but I was out for a good week or so. And rather than trying to impress people, I just got real and authentic with them and let them know what was going on in my world.

The interesting part is that I got a huge response from that and now I'm helping my clients get creative in ways to generate income so they can pay their bills and mortgages. This is isn't easy but the more grounded I am in me, the better I feel at helping people. Which in turn helps me keep moving forward.

Ted Prodromou - Author and Linkedin Coach


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We all need a place to be our fullselves. A place to celebrate our success and get support of our stumbles. The Greatness Growers Community is that place and I hope you join.

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