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Are you tired of the same old corporate core values that collect dust on office walls and never truly impact your business?

Welcome to a revolutionary new approach – New School Core Values!

Free Yourself from Meaningless Core Values

What Are New School Core Values?

New School Core Values are the key to creating clarity, driving action, and fostering growth in your business. Unlike traditional, wordy core values, New School Core Values are:

  • Simple: Just three everyday words that are easy to remember.

  • Actionable: They provide practical steps to improve your business.

  • Storytelling: They combine to tell the story of how you and your team achieve goals.

The Founder's Approach

Instead of crafting core values for marketing purposes or to appease employees, New School Core Values are a reflection of you, the founder. We believe that your business naturally mirrors your core values. By identifying your core self, you can create core values that align with who you are at your core.

Why It Works

When your actions align with your core self, your confidence, creativity, and determination flourish. You operate at your best, making decisions and solving problems with ease. This isn't just theory; it's a sustainable way to transform your business.

Who Is This For?

This book is for founders, business owners, and anyone aspiring to lead. If you're tired of corporate core values that don't deliver results, New School Core Values are for you.

What You'll Learn

  • How to clarify your core self and create New School Core Values.

  • Practical steps to use your core values in your business.

  • Strategies for sharing your core values with your team, partners, and clients.

  • How to leverage New School Core Values to achieve your goals efficiently.

Get Started Today

Don't waste any more time on core values that don't work. Dive into the world of New School Core Values and transform your business into a powerhouse of clarity, action, and growth.


I created this e-book to for entrepreneurs and leaders that know self-confidence will help them succeed. The secret to confidence is that it's not about being confident, it's about being more of yourself. Faking it until you make it doesn't work in modern times and is a recipe for burnout.

Rather than teaching "how to be confident," we start with who you are at your core and then give you 3 clear steps to use your core self to achieve your goals.

With each do-able step, you move towards your vision and naturally increase your confidence, no matter is you are exhausted and overwhelmed and trying to survive or if you are energized and focused and looking for every advantage to help you succeed faster.

The fact is that show you are at your core is more powerful and closer to the surface than you realize and when you use it intentionally, you create all the confidence you need without faking anything or burning out.

Joey Chandler

How "the Core Power switch" breaks those barriers.


The Core Statement Tool

In just minutes, you create a core statement in the ordering process. No genetic coaching here - the book is custom to you, who you are at your core, and your goals.


The Core Power Framework

A repeatable process for being more of yourself and increasing your confidence you can do, no matter if you are burnt or energized.


The Core Power Challenge

A step-by-step approach to getting started and not stopping until you have the confidence you want.

Plus Bonuses


How to get past doubts and fears that say you can't increase your confidence by reading "The Core Power Switch." No longer will you have to worry about buying a book or a program and not getting value out of it because you didn't do the work.

Exercises to build your core muscles.

We all have more experience being who we think we should be than we are. By journaling about where you are your core self and using your core statement in conversations, you strengthen your authenticity and confidence naturally.


Custom scripts for conversation and AI-generated suggestions for ways to improve your health, wealth, and relationships that are custom to you (which is only possible because you created a core statement at the beginning).

In less than 70 pages, you will increase your confidence by tapping into and using your core self, which is far more powerful than you realize.


Joey Chandler is an author and coach who assists entrepreneurs and founders in crafting impactful core value statements.

He began his core-based work in 2015 after producing several hundred tribute videos. Through these videos, he listened to thousands of individuals express their affection for loved ones. These experiences confirmed his belief that we all possess innate qualities at our core, and the more we tap into them, the better off we are.

Joey resides in Northern California and is an avid skier and photographer.

The 3 Steps For Creating Confidence

Learn to create confidence anywhere with out faking it.


Confidence begins with clarifying who you are at your core, what you want to accomplish, and how you plan to get there.


There is no confidence with out action and to act you must learn to identify and let go of the doubts holding you back.


There is no confidence with out action and to act you must learn to identify and let go of the doubts holding you back.

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Our Team

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I love [Joey's] work because it's so simple and effective. I don't have to think a lot for it to work and that is very helpful given all that I have going on every day.

Shannon Atkins

Managing Director, Accenture

I was already established professionally in my dream job, but had a need for structure and anchors from which to build my new career. With Joey, I was challenged and able to find a purpose that helped me achieve a better outlook on life, more energy and an overall motivation.

Anna Maria Aune-Moore

Senior Project Assistant, Resettlement and Family Reunification

at IOM - UN Migration Maria Aune-Moore

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