How Purpose and Results are Related

Purpose is an ecosystem where the your results are based our your ability to experience and share your purpose.

Good news is that as you produce more results, you actually deepen your sense of your purpose.

Therefore, the Purpose and Performance Community helps you produce more results (aka Success) AND experience more of your purpose (aka Fulfillment).

The General Approach

  1. You know your purpose and pillars from the Know Your Purpose Program.
  2. You lay out your goals for 1 quarter, 1 year and, if it is there, 1 Life.
  3. You identify what needs to happen to fulfill those goals by exploring what does it take to bring your purpose to those areas.
  4. You take action and build the team, connections and, systems you need.
  5. When you ever get stuck, you refer to your pillars to see what is missing.
  6. As your repeat 3, 4 and 5 over and over you become an expert in your purpose, keep moving and produce results.
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You have all you need to do his by yourself, but I believe you'll have more fun and be more successful if you are part of a community of like minded people.

The Purpose and Performance Community includes...

  • Weekly Zoom Calls - part teaching, part Q and A
  • Purpose to Results Program - a template for applying your purpose to specific areas
  • Purpose Booster - for when you lose touch with your purpose
  • Non-niched community - so you build your confidence to share your purpose anywhere
  • Non-facebook based group site - helps reduce distractions
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Case Study

Samuel Bart Williams is an engineer turned nutritionist and health coach. When we started he was looking at how he could turn his passion for helping people be healthy into a viable business.

His purpose is about people being excited and if you spend more than about a minute with Sam you will get that is very true.

His Goals:

  • Achieve a certain monthly income though his coaching business (about 5x what he was making at that point from coaching).
  • Learn how to communicate his message more effectively.
  • Pay off his debt by the end of the year (which was something he really didn't want to talk about).

The Process:

To make goals happen, we identified that he needed clarity around:

  • His message.
  • How his wealth of knowledge and passion was landing with other people.
  • The programs he offered and the mix of clients he need to hit his financial goals.

Then we explored how he could leave people excited throughout the process.

  • His motto became "what would it be like for you if you were excited about your health" which he used in consultations and at networking opportunities.
  • We identified that his excitement for his material was actually getting in the way of his clients being excited. They would get overwhelmed by all the information he could provide. Sam learned to temper his approach just a bit so he could better connect with and support clients and potential clients.
  • We developed a set of packages that offered clear benefits to his clients and that he could easily share.
  • He created a simple spread sheet to track his clients and revenue.

The Results

  • Within the first month, he had hit his income goal for that month was about half way through to fulfilling the next two months. Because of the packages and spread sheet he knows exactly how many clients he needs to reach his goals.
  • He spoke at an event and through focusing on leaving people excited he signed up multiple clients. Even more importantly, a fellow speaker that was a health professional praised him publicly in a way that had never never happened before.
  • He was invited to speak about health at this high school reunion.
  • He is in communication with his wife about his debt and working on scaling his business to pay it off. Not going to say he is 100% "excited" about being in debt but now he is moving forward.

This was all completed in 6 weeks and through knowing his purpose and applying it to himself, his relationship with other people and the systems he has in his life.

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