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In this time of uncertainty, 

I believe that most important thing that we can do right is is figure out who we are and learn to be more of that.

I say that will help keep us grounded and moving forward.

To learn how I help people clarify their purpose in a way that is fast, effective and even a little fun, click the button below.

Best wishes, Joey

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How people are using their purpose in these challenging times

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I'm about freedom and that has been very helpful in these times. First it allows me to be myself and go with what ever emotions come up throughout the day. And that is actually really helpful because when I'm grounded that gives me the foundation to let others be free with. what ever is going on for them. Everyone is so stressed and worried for all the obvious reasons that I'm finding if I can just let them be, then they can relax and we can connect. And from there we can figure out solutions for what they are dealing with. This has really reminded me about the power and importance of freedom.

- Wade Gault  - 4-Day Work Week Academy

Your purpose isn't big and complicated.

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For the past three years, I've been showing people how purpose is in the form of Love, Joy, Happiness and the like.

The power of this approach is showing up now. Thinking about a life altering purpose now is impossible give all that is going on. But with a little training you can bring Love or Joy or Happiness to any area of your life regardless of the circumstances. 

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More Purpose Stories

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Knowing my purpose has been really helpful. As things changed, I started to feel the overwhelm like everyone else but I reminded myself about who I am and what I offer the world. That helped me start thinking globally and from that I organized a 4 jour virtual healing event. That was wonderful for myself and the attendees.

- Christine Gold - Holistic Practitioner 

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I'm about people being stoked and that may sound funny in these times but it's so important. Thinking about it has me think about how can I help this person, in this situation and make the best of what is going on. I'm helping them get a handle on their debt and their cash flow in what ever way I can. And what I'm seeing is that when we can take that weight off their shoulders, they have the space to relax, feel comfortable and maybe even feel a little stoked. It's all baby steps at this point.

And personally, it's helping me figure out a way work and be with my family. We have a 4 year old it's tough to give him all the attention he needs. But when I think of bringing the stoke (which I write across the top of my todo list every day) it helps me get out of overwhelm and figure out ways to make things work.

- Kerry Ettinger - Mortgage Professional


These are tough times. No denying that.

But being clear on who you are, what you are about and how to be more that will only help. .

And figuring out your purpose doesn't have to take a lot of time.

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Purpose and Social Isolation

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Working remotely is something I had done before, and wasn't over the moon about doing it for a longer period of time. Particularly when you're responsible for young vulnerable lives as I am.

I was investigating within myself what would bring more excitement and enthusiasm to working from home this time around, so I spoke to the learners that I coach, and we had a creative session on what I could do, and what they would want me to do during isolation. Some of them were particularly nervous as their homes, were sadly not their "homes".

We talked about creating a YouTube channel, that wasn't about teaching math or English, as that wasn't my role. I was invited to run guided meditation, read books, offer advice on positivity and activity, and run general LIVE Q&As with them. This opened up to become a national project. Now, selfishly so, I cannot wait to begin working on this daily. Keeping myself and others engaged, entertained and best of all mentally stable!


The "What's Your Purpose?" Podcast.

Interviews about what it's like to live one's purpose on a day to day basis.

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The "Grab Your Junk" Workout.

Everyday I go to my garage, grab something and use it in a workout. A great way to get creative, active and to laugh.

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