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I'm Joey, and this is about me.

My Mission: Help people love their lives

How I'll do that: By showing people and companies how to develop systems to identify and use their core values as they represent who we are at our best.

My Core Values

  • Courage: The ability to say who you are and what you want and then take the actions you know to do.

  • Curiosity: The willingness to explore even if the answers aren't clear.

  • Connection: Knowing who we are and helping others do the same.

I started my core-based work in 2015 after producing several hundred tribute videos. I listened to thousands of individuals express their affection for loved ones through these videos. At some point, I started to sense a theme in the videos. The themes were something like love, joy, or happiness, and they made me realize we all have something at our core, even if we don't have the exact language to describe it.

As a photographer, video producer, trainer, and manager of a large retail store, I knew the importance of core values. I worked on a system to bring that theme from the background of our lives to the foreground. I started coaching people on using their core values to develop a sense of purpose.

But honestly, I made it too complicated. I used five core values, which was more than anyone could use regularly. I struggled on numerous fronts, and in 2022, I burnt out.

I realized I didn't have the energy to be anything but myself. With nothing left to offer, I started asking, "Who am I, and how can I be more of that?"

As part of that inquiry, I learned the Navy SEALs put things in sets of three because three things are easier to remember in a war zone. That made sense and sounded easier, so I let go of two core values and settled on courage, connection, and curiosity.

From that day on, my confidence, motivation, and well-being improved because I could wake up and ask, "How can I use my core values today?" I took many baby steps, which led to larger ones, and I recovered from my burnout without having to do any extra meditation, journalling, yoga, exercise, or anything else that might be related to anti-burnout efforts. Not because I was against those things but because I simply didn't have the energy.

I was so amazed by those results that I went to work to understand what had happened. Again, I initially made everything too complicated (which seems to be a theme in my life). But through many iterations, I landed on the five-step Core Values Flywheel.

Now, I train executives, leaders, coaches, and consultants on using the Core Values Flywheel to achieve goals and overcome challenges in ways that increase their confidence, motivation, and well-being.

My message is that given the power of your core values, when you think of a goal, the first thing to do is remind yourself of your core values and explore how to use them to achieve your goal. You'll always find a path forward with this approach.

I live in Reno, Nevada, with my teenage son, and I am an avid skier and photographer.

You aren't the problem

In the places where you struggle, you simply don't have enough practice being yourself.

To create confidence, compassion, assertiveness, grit or determinations, the secret is being more of yourself in more places. Not trying to be something you aren't because that is exhausting.

The fastest and most efficient way to achieve and maintain a goal is by bringing more of your core self to the situation.

Two Reasons for this:

When you a NOT being your core self, you are being something you are not which is exhausting and frustrating, and leads to isolation and burnout.

When you being your core self, your confidence, creativity, and courage increases so you connect with others to find solutions that work over time.

I help people understand...

Their Unique Strengths

Success isn't about becoming someone else. It's about recognizing and leveraging your unique strengths.

The Power of Alignment

Aligning your actions and beliefs with your core identity can exponentially increase your effectiveness at tackling challenges and achieving your goals.

The Importance of Authenticity

Faking confidence or trying to fit into a mold can lead to burnout. Authenticity is sustainable and far more rewarding.

3 misconceptions about our Core Selves

And how they are holding you back.


I already know (or at least I think I do)

You probably have some sense of who you are at your core but your level of clarity isn't sufficient for your goals. Your core self is like your numbers for your business. The more clarity you have, the more power you have to make positive changes.


I can be myself in some places but it's impossible in other areas. There is nothing I can do about it.

Being your core self takes practice. If you are struggling, you just aren't as good at being your core self in that area. There is nothing wrong with you but you need to practice being your core self.


Core work takes too much work.

This true if you don't have a system to use your core self. The uncertainty and overwhelm associated with asking, "who am I," goes away when you have system to clarify who you are, take action in alignment with who you are, and grow you ability to stay true to yourself in more areas of life.

I've spent the last ten years exploring the question, "who am I at my core and how can I bring more of that to my life?" I created the Core Power Framework so you can learn in minutes and hours what took me months and years.

Tell me if any of this resonates with you...

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You keep asking yourself, "Am I doing this right?" or "Will this work for me?"

It's time to put an end to the uncertainty and boost your confidence in your decisions.


You are confident in some areas of your life, but unsure in others?

Let's work on creating a consistent sense of self-assurance across all facets of your life.


You have a vision for what's possible but you struggle with making it happen.

You have what it takes, and I'm here to help you realize that.

If these situations sound familiar, you're not alone, and most importantly – you don't have to stay stuck. I've developed a unique process that has already helped numerous people build real confidence and overcome their challenges.

Working with me

Rather than focusing on tips and techniques, we focus on bringing your core self to your life.

We clarify who you are and what you want to accomplish.

We determine any doubts hindering your efforts, you learn to let them go, and then you take action.

We evaluate, celebrate, and revise your efforts so you keep moving forward and connected to your core self.

You repeat the process until your goal is achieved. You benefit from that success and knowing how to achieve it without being fake or burning out. The process works because of the power of your core self. Keep tapping into that and you will succeed.

What I live for and how I can be useful to you

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My life

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HR sphere

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My hobbies

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Coach and life coach

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My projects

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Client Reviews

The discussion I had with Joey opened my eyes to the notion of purpose that I never suspected was a necessity to have as a writer. We only talked for an hour but now I have a new focus and start working on a project that I have been struggling with for 6 years. I'm so excited.


Diomaye Augustin NgomActor/Writer/Educator

Working with Joey, I have gone from feeling like an "F" in many areas of my life to an "A". The idea of working from your core has been so powerful. Joey is endlessly patient and understanding - I recommend him to anyone who wants to work to improve their life.


Teresa Peters

Owner, T&K Images

Recent Blog Posts

Use your core process to develop and strengthen your marketing message

Your Voice - A Key Component in Your Marketing

May 29, 20243 min read

Every entrepreneur knows that the core of effective marketing is not just what you say but how you say it. Developing your voice in the marketplace is critical; it distinguishes your brand, connects with your audience, and reinforces your value proposition. Understanding your core process plays an instrumental role in this, helping you clarify your message and consistently deliver it with confidence and precision.

The Significance of Your Core Process

At its essence, a core process is a sequence of actions you consistently undertake to achieve your business objectives. It encapsulates how you think, plan, and execute—traits inherently tied to your marketing voice's authenticity and clarity. Warren Buffet once advised, "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." This sentiment underscores the importance of a well-understood and meticulously applied core process in crafting enduring marketing messages.

Knowing your core process allows you to articulate who you are and the unique value you bring to your customers. It empowers you to harness your strengths and leverage them in ways that speak directly to your target audience. When your marketing efforts are grounded in a deep understanding of your core process, you develop your voice and ensure it is heard loud and clear across various channels.

The Dangers of Ignoring Your Core Process

Neglecting your core process can lead to a scattered marketing strategy that lacks coherence and impact. Without a clear roadmap derived from your core process, it becomes challenging to maintain a consistent voice, which can confuse potential customers and dilute your brand's message. As Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc., points out, "A person who is happy is not because everything is right in his life. He is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right." This perspective is apt for businesses—your approach to marketing needs to be rooted in a solid understanding of your core capabilities and processes.

When businesses fail to align their marketing strategies with their core process, they risk inefficacy and the potential to misrepresent or underrepresent their capabilities. This misalignment can result in missed opportunities to connect with the target audience and, ultimately, a failure to convert interest into loyalty and sales.

How Core Processes Empower Your Marketing Voice

A well-defined core process contributes to the development of a strong, authentic voice in several ways:

  1. Consistency: Consistency in your message across all platforms builds trust. Your core process helps maintain this consistency by defining the steps you take to produce results, ensuring that your messaging always aligns with your brand’s identity and values.

  2. Confidence: Understanding your process boosts confidence, allowing you to communicate with authority and conviction. This confidence is infectious, resonating with your audience and compelling your message.

  3. Curiosity and Adaptation: A solid grasp of your core process fosters curiosity about new marketing trends and technologies. This not only keeps your approach fresh but also makes it adaptable to changing market dynamics.

Moving Forward

To leverage your core process in strengthening your marketing voice, start by articulating the steps you take from concept to execution. Integrate these insights into every marketing campaign to ensure alignment with your overall business strategy. Remember, the clarity of your internal processes reflects the clarity of your external communications.

In conclusion, knowing your core process is not just an operational necessity—it's a strategic asset in marketing. It clarifies your voice, strengthens your message, and ensures your marketing resonates with the intended audience, enhancing your brand's presence in a crowded marketplace. By aligning your marketing efforts with your core process, you forge a path to business success and lasting brand loyalty.

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